How to keep your job…

The following tips are offered to help you maintain and keep a job:

  • Arrive to work drug free/alcohol free every day.
  • Be in the right frame of mind to work safely.
  • Arrive on shift on time, each and every time.
  • Be courteous and insightful when working.
  • Maximize your training ability.
  • Always notify your supervisor of any issues.
  • Worksafe and work hard.
  • Don’t be disorderly with staff or supervisors.
  • Arrive for shift early and leave later.
  • Be consistent and dependable.
  • Be aware of infractions and policies.
  • Do not work in areas or on items that you are not properly trained for.
  • Make sure you clearly complete time cards weekly and submit them on time.
  • Make sure you can perform the tasks and skills you specify.
  • Enjoy your work and making money.

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