Cambrian Group Privacy Policy 2018

(Also referred to as Cambrian Search Group, CSG)

CSG respects the privacy for all concerned with regards to our company operations. We will protect the personal information of all applicants when we utilize your information to our clients, and all personal information collected is used and disclosed by CSG in accordance with PIPEDA.

While you are seeking work, you are asked to provide pertinent information that is relevant to placements and/or qualifying for placements. We need this information to provide the best possible service for you and our clients. All information is attached together and does not only include your resume, application or description of work. It may include interview notes from the recruiter, information obtained during reference checks and background checks, certifications, educational records, skill testing results, etc. If you are considered to be placed for either temp-to-perm or contract placement or temporary work, you will be required to supply other information for payroll, which may include banking information and details, tax status, deduction detail, etc. This will also include your Social Insurance Number, date of birth, availability to a reliable vehicle, etc. We use your information to better understand you as an applicant and better match you with our clients, including your needs and what you are qualified for.

By using our website and having access to review our policies and procedures and providing us with your personal information, you have consented to the collection of information, use of information and disclosure of information to the full discretion of CSG, and its staff and management. We will only utilize your information as needed and will have you sign-off on our job application verifying your understanding and release to use your information supplied and that any information provided can and will be used for verification, qualification and placement. All personal information is in strictest confidence and only pertinent detail regarding the placement will be released after confirmation of placement is received from the client company.

We may need to access more of your information if it is to acquire more training, re-qualifications or to better service our clients. Payroll and accounting may also have access to your information for processing. We will retain your information collected during all placements and up to seven years since the first placement. We will not keep resumes or documents we do not deem necessary to keep, due to qualifications or non-obtainable details or inability to place with CSG clients. Your information may be shredded weekly and would not recoverable beyond that time.

Your information will never be sold, released, traded, or leased to any external companies other than for placement. Your information will only be disclosed for legitimate CSG business or as required by law. For example: requests from court orders, CRA, Service Canada, WSIB, Family and Child Services, or possibly any other regulated Federal/Provincial body. As an applicant, you need to rely on our office to share information to our clients if there is potential for a job placement. We only provide your information to our clients or potential clients if there is discussion of a job opening you may qualify for and all information used will be with discretion and only for the purpose thereof. The client company contact person is also aware of the privacy of information and is requested to treat it as such and with utmost confidentiality for all parties involved. Other companies that may acquire or be given access to your information are companies or organizations that will do background checks, references, personality profiles, module testing, criminal checks, credit checks, etc. All information supplied to CSG is secured in filing cabinets, and any information in electronic format is also in a paper format.

You may have access to your file at any time, but we require minimal 24 hours notice via email or in person only(Photo I.D will be requested). CSG relies on information from third parties to base our decisions on, which also could include such companies as reference companies, colleges, and universities, NORCAT, other training facilities or classifications, etc. We will make every effort to maintain your information and keep it current, however, this sometimes is not possible if the applicants and workers do not notify our office of such changes, which in turn may disqualify you for any placements or permanent work. We do recommend you send an email to our general mailbox at if you have any changes to your personal information. The worker job board in the office is an important information source that you must keep yourself current with. All postings or new information as it relates to your application/employment will first be posted on the board. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed and to date with changes, no exceptions. If you have any other questions or concerns please call or write to us at: Cambrian Search Group, 525 Notre Dame Ave., Sudbury, ON P3C 5L1. Our success is based on our commitment to our applicants and our clients. Our company is based on ethical conduct and an oath to service. All actions and results from the above are direct reflections of our company’s policies, and the policies of provincial and federal Laws. CSG will adhere to all applicable laws and regulations and expects its directors, officers, management and employees to conduct business in accordance with letter, intent and spirit of relevant laws and to not practice with illegal intent, dishonesty, fabrication or unethical conduct. CSG WILL provide contract/permanent/temp-to-perm placements/temporary type services/health and safety training/and benefits to our clients. Most work provided will be either a permanent or temp-to-hire work order, but may occasionally be only temporary, which would be an “hour-to-hour” type work and carries no guarantee of hours intended or implied. Any contract or consulting services are calculated and serviced differently from the above-mentioned services.

Contact our office for more information. These Services are supplied as part of our solution based ideology and programs to better service our clients with their site-specific needs. CSG will make every effort to confirm validity of training with the client and also obtain site visits when necessary from the client companies to confirm proper safety guidelines are practiced and adhered to. Proper health and safety procedures are of importance, and CSG will not compromise the health and safety of our workers on any job. We want to be recognized as a safe, yet solution based company, and we take our clients trust seriously. We are confident we can preserve this trust.

Applicants must take due diligence to acquire and maintain the trust of CSG and its clients, not compromise the integrity of the service in any way and will continue to act and practice in such a way it will maintain confidence and merit from the general public or any other parties involved directly or indirectly. We encourage you to fully review our applications package and employee agreement so that you can be aware of not only how CSG will support your journey, but also how you can better understand your responsibilities and commitments to the process. We wish all our clients and workers the best success while utilizing the services we provide for your present and future needs.