Workplace Health and Safety

We know that on-the-job safety is one of your biggest priorities. Cambrian Search Group provides an extensive health and safety program to ensure the employees we provide you are fully vetted and fully trained so they operate safely in your place of business. Our unique program includes:

  • Health and safety training
  • Physical demands analysis, if required
  • Drug testing if policy required
  • Criminal record checks if required

Health and Safety Training

Cambrian workers qualify for training in:

  • Four-Step Safety Awareness
  • Confined space
  • Fall protection
  • Water works
  • Respirator fit tests
  • Traffic control
  • Forklift operation
  • Overhead crane
  • Canadian Welding Bureau
  • Surface/Underground Common Cores
  • Mining Facility Specifics

Having the right people on the job is critical to both our successes. Our process ensures the workers you choose to support your team are ready to hit the ground running productively and safely with your full supervision.