Refer A Friend & Make Money Doing It…

We are always looking for more qualified workers for our clients. If you know someone who is interested, simply send them a link to our website and get them registered! In turn, if we place your referral on a job for temporary or permanent placement, we will pay you a referral fee and mail a… Read more »

How to keep your job…

The following tips are offered to help you maintain and keep a job: Arrive to work drug free/alcohol free every day. Be in the right frame of mind to work safely. Arrive on shift on time, each and every time. Be courteous and insightful when working. Maximize your training ability. Always notify your supervisor of… Read more »

Heat Stress

Protect yourself! When the body is unable to cool itself by sweating several heat-included illnesses such as heat stress or heat exhaustion and the more severe heat stroke can occur and result in death. Factors leading to Heat Stress High temperature and humidity; direct sun or heat; limited air movement; physical exertion; poor physical condition;… Read more »

Excuses not to use when Working

Having Excuses to not work is the most common reason why people lose their jobs. Below are many excuses received, but yet should not be practiced: I can’t work this week because my car broke. I can’t come in to work because my wife doesn’t have a sitter. Sorry I can’t go to work today… Read more »

Why should I go to Cambrian Search Group?

Searching for work is a full-time job on its own. It involves reworking your resume to assure it highlights your skills that qualify you for the position you’re seeking; networking different companies and opportunities; attending job fairs and searching endlessly on Job site and search engines. Using Cambrian Search Group as a resource saves you… Read more »